According to The Telegraph, in the last year alone, squatting figures have doubled in the city of London, due to the eurozone crisis, as the economic crisis has led to an influx of foreigners who struggle to find work.

Although Squatters rights have ended in residential properties , commercial properties will see a marked rise in Squatters due to this, theft, criminal damage and civil unrest, which could lead to a repeat of the riots seen across Britain in 2011.

Security Sure Solutions can provide highly trained and experience Residential Security teams operate in any environment. These environments could be a prestigious city town house a country estate or vacant property’s and sites whether rural or urban. We can provide a house sitting or a doorman service.

The residential security officers protect the client’s residence/property 24/7 by way of being competent, diligent and discrete operating from their duty Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and with the correct protocols of the client in mind. If required, the officers would receive all mail and couriered parcels, log and register these deliveries.

Any contractors, visitors to the residence would also be documented and logged into the premises as per instruction from the SOPs – to be agreed with the client. Regular random, internal and external patrols will be made of the property/residence.

Security Sure Solutions can provide security teams to large areas / sites providing both rural teams and mobile vehicle teams. We can provide counter activist / terrorist teams for large industrial areas such as traveller sites or at demonstrations for people opposed to fracking, housing developments, environmental issues etc.