Security Sure Solutions can provide Risk management services identifying decisions that will minimize the adverse effect of accidental losses upon you or your company.

The risk management process is vital to the personal health and safety of employees and the safety of the public.

In financial terms, it is vital to our ability to pursue our goals, commence and operate programs, and to perform duties in an efficient and professional manner .

Our Risk Assesment will help you by:

  • Avoiding exposure to accidental loss by not undertaking functions, contracts, programs or activities where the potential loss is greater than the potential benefit to be derived from these undertakings.
  • Preventing loss by identifying loss exposures and implementing policies and procedures to reduce the risk of these losses occurring.
  • Controlling losses that do occur by:
  • Assisting and supporting injured parties
  • Developing contingency plans for possible loss scenarios
  • Proper documentation and investigation of losses
  • Determining the most cost effective balance of different risk financing tools.
  • Raising the awareness of all board members, senior managers, employees, volunteers and residents concerning risk management within our organization.

    These goals and objectives will be accomplished by:

  • Establishing a Risk Management Committee with representatives from each department, whose responsibilities will be to implement, monitor, evaluate and revise plans to achieve our goals and objectives
  • Electing a Risk Management Coordinator to serve as the head of the Risk Management Committee and report to the council
  • Including risk management as an item for discussion at every staff meeting

Cooperation is needed, and expected, from all management and employees. Only by working as a team with common goals and objectives can we ensure the success of this risk management program.